How this system works?
Find Native Sensei.com(FNS) is a free teacher and student matching service. Teachers fill out a registration form with their personal and professional details and FNS makes this information public on the internet. Prospective students use the FNS site to look for teachers who meet their requirements. If a student finds a teacher they want to have a trial lesson with, the student pays a minimal fee to FNS and is given the teacher's contact information. Then the student contacts the teacher by e-mail or phone.
How much do I pay for this service?
Nothing. It's free for teachers. Only students pay a minimal fee for this service to get teachers' contact information.
How do I get paid?
Students pay teachers directly by cash after each lesson has finished. Students know how much teachers charge because the hourly lesson rate is displayed in their profiles. Teachers should never ask students to pay for lessons in advance or offer special discounts for doing so.
Where can I teach?
You can choose or the student will pick where you can to teach. It could be at your home, the student's home, at a cafe etc.
How do students contact me?
Students contact teachers by e-mail or phone. Most students contact teachers by e-mail for the first time. A cell phone e-mail address would be easier if you can not access the internet easily.
If I don't live in Japan can I register?
No. This service is only for people currently living in Japan. If you intend to come to Japan, please register with FNS after you have arrived.
I don't speak any Japanese. Can I register?
Of course! Most students want to improve their conversation skills, so talk to them in your language.
Can I get a visa from FNS?
No. FNS offers a platform to make your information public and gives you the opportunity to find students looking for private lessons in Japan.
Do any students want to have lessons early in the morning?
Yes. Some business people or students want to have lessons before they start work or school.
What is my personal page?
Once you have registered with FNS you will automatically become a member. You will receive a password which will enable you to sign in to your personal page. This is where you can update or modify your profile.
How do students reserve a lesson with me?
Once a student has requested you through the search function they can contact you to discuss a time or just request a lesson with you.
How do I update my profile?
You need to sign in to your account with your ID (your registered e-mail address) and password. Then you can update your profile directly on the site.
I've lost my password. What should I do?
Send us your registered e-mail address from here and we will send you your password.
My email address or telephone number has changed. What should I do?
You can update your contact information in your account.
Does FNS check teacher's profiles?
Yes. We check all teacher's profiles regularly and if we discover strange or incorrect information, we will withdraw the profile from the student's site and ask the teacher to make the necessary changes.
How much can I charge and how much do I earn?
For a man-to-man lesson you can charge anything that you want. You can also change your price later by updating your profile. Also for group lessons you can charge whatever you think is appropriate.
Do I need to upload my picture?
You do not have to but at least 80% of all the teachers chosen by students have uploaded pictures of themselves to their profile. So, for this reason, we strongly recommend that you upload a picture of yourself after you have activated your account with us. The most popular pictures seem to be of teachers smiling and whose faces can be clearly seen. You can upload your photo from the update form in the members's site. If you are having trouble uploading your picture please email it to us at info@find-native-sensei.com
Which graphic file formats are supported by the Picture Uploader?
The following graphic file formats are supported:
We recommend resizing your photos to 400x300 pixels before upload.

If you like our service and would like to help us advertise more to get more students. Please donate anything you can. thank you.

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